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QupQup is made in Turkey. We closely monitor the whole production process, so we can guarantee the quality of the final product. We love babies and think that they deserve the best. With QupQup your baby is getting the best of the best.

QupQup is made from the finest soft natural leather. The leather we use is tested and meets European safety standards. We believe natural leather is the best material for shoes, because it is breathable, durable and very flexible.

QupQup s is a Turkish brand creating high quality, cool and stylish baby shoes. At QupQup we are passionate about baby feet. We believe that soft bone structure of a baby’s foot should be left to grow unrestricted. As parents ourselves, we have carefully selected the materials that are used in our shoes to ensure that our shoes are of the highest quality.

We believe shoe making can be a great way to express love. One pair of hand made baby shoes contains time, passion and love. We are sure first steps in QupQup baby shoes will be unforgettable and this unique pair will stay with family forever.










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